The RFU have now moved forwards with their plans to enable us to commence training with certain conditions. We are able to work within those guidelines and are looking at returning to Tor on Sunday 13th September.

We have to restrict the use of the clubhouse, so all children must attend ready to train, they will need to bring their own water bottles and towels. Unfortunately due to Covid restrictions we are unable to use the changing rooms or showers. the clubhouse will though be open to provide access to toilets. We are hoping to be able to provide teas/coffees from our outside bar, but will not initially be able to provide food.

We are not yet able to play competetive matches and it may be some time before the RFU guidelines permit us to return to playing fixtures. All rugby activities are restricted such that contact is reduced, this will impact on our ability to play rugby as we would like, but we will adapt and ensure that the kids have fun!

We really hope that you are all looking forward to returning this season, if you have any questions or concerns, please email us at

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