Tor Minis and Juniors Invited to Exeter Chiefs Super Saturday on 21 Mar

As those who have been with us for previous seasons will know, we try and organise a trip to the Exeter Chiefs Super Saturday. This is open for u6 and above and consists of a trip down to train with the Community Coaches, a stadium tour, an opportunity to stand on the half way line to form a guard of honour as the players run on at the start of the game and a lap of honour around the pitch at half time. First you MUST input the promotional code (available from club coaches) in box at side of home page, if using phone it appears slightly differently.

This code will not be shared on Social Media and is only available for Tor players.

As we need to prioritise the children, tickets are limited to a maximum of one parent per child.

Parents do not have to accompany their child, but they MUST make arrangements for an adult to take responsibility for them during the day.

To book tickets you need to go to:

You will then need to enter the Promotional Code that you can get from your coach.

You then click on Buy and Choose Seats and then select the ones you want by clicking on them in turn.

Available seats for Tor are all together and highlighted in blue. Ensure that you select the correct ‘Super Saturday Child’ or ‘Super Saturday Adult’ from the dropdown.


Continue the purchase process and then Print e-tickets prior to attending.

This is for TOR Players and Parents and not to be shared within open social media.

You MUST then complete the registration form for the child at the following link:

There are  also  two coaches booked with Berrys Coaches and will be requesting people to book a seat with Trish Partlow .  This will follow the same cost as last year at £10 per head.

Any questions please speak to Dave Partlow - once all 120 tickets are gone that I’m afraid is our allocation.

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