Tue 14 Aug 2018 12:09

The Club was founded in January 1954 and played initially at Keen’s Elm, Street (now the Millfield athletics track). From the 1955/56 season the Club leased part of Wirrall Park, Glastonbury as its ground from John Snow & Co. Headquarters were at the Railway Inn (subsequently named the Fairfield Hotel).

In 1960 the first clubhouse was erected. It was a new pre-fabricated wooden building purchased from John Snow & Co. (it replaced a second-hand building, which was badly damaged by a gale ).

The clubhouse was extended in 1967 to provide additional changing facilities, a skittle alley and larger bar and clubroom. The clubhouse was sited where Travis Perkins’ building now stands and the former pitch is now B & Q.

After failing in repeated attempts to purchase this ground a proposal was made to move to the far end of Wirrall Park adjacent to the Drill Hall (this site is now occupied by the new housing development). The site was offered for sale to the Club by John Snow & Co., so two new pitches were created, finance raised and plans were drawn up for a new clubhouse. During the Planning process Snows went into Receivership and the offer to sell was withdrawn leaving the Club in danger of becoming homeless.

A successful court action established a Protected Tenancy and in return for the surrender of its rights as Protected Tenants of the Wirrall Park ground the Club was assisted by the initial Developers and Mendip District Council to move to our present ground at Lowerside Lane, Glastonbury.

The Wirrall Park pitches were given up at the end of 1988 and the Clubhouse was closed in February 1989. After salvaging any usable items the building was demolished. The Club’s tenancy of Wirrall Park had lasted 33 years.

The present ground (Lowerside Park) was purchased in 1988. The Club has played there since 1989 and the new clubhouse was completed in 1990. No financial help was provided for this development from any statutory bodies (it was pre-Lottery and did not conform to the rules of the then Sports Council). Large sums of money had to be borrowed, which fortunately have now been repaid.

In 2004 the Club was awarded a grant from the RFU CCDP scheme which resulted in the installation of the excellent match floodlights.

John Snow & Co. Ltd. (now Bradfords) was the original benefactor. There was also a close relationship with IMCO Ltd. our Wirrall Park neighbours via the Driver family. Clarks Ltd. and the Clark Trusts have continued to help the Club since its foundation.